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Comments from a few, some rather notable, people who have attended
my presentations

"When Bruce Ross speaks, you feel all the passions of
a person who loves eastern Oklahoma, and who
understands the triumphs and tragedies of the Cherokee people."
W. Roger Webb, President
University of Central Oklahoma

"Kuwiskuwi, a descendant of John Ross, Chief of the
Cherokee, makes history come alive with presentations
about the people he knows best, the Cherokee."
John A. Ketcher, Deputy Principal Chief (Ret.)
Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

"He is an enthusiastic and vigorous speaker,
his most valuable assets are his personal
experiences which compliment his presentations."
William Hayden,MD - Co-Founder
William & Elizabeth Hayden Museum of American Art
Paris, Texas

"Bruce Ross offers an insightful and personal
perspective of his Cherokee heritage."
Joan Kennedy, EdD - Honors Director
Collin County Community College
Plano, Texas

PLEASE NOTE:  There has been some talk of holding a Ross Family reunion in 2013.  If you are reading this and know any descendants of Chief John Ross, please pass the word along, and have them get in touch with me for information as it develops.  I will post details as they come in.  Plans are only in the talking stage at this time, and nothing specific is set.  Without a lot of effort by a lot of people, we may have to hold off until 2014, but hopefully it can be held in conjunction with Cherokee Holiday on Labor Day weekend..  If anyone is interested in helping with setting this up, please let me know..(contact info. below)


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